Books and CDs – including:

Life is for Living – John’s best selling book on health and fitness.

Inspire Your Team – how to motivate your team to perform at their best always.

Life is for Living – a question and answer CD covering the topics in the book of the same name, ideal for long car journeys!

Raise Your Game – a CD recording of John’s Raise Your Game keynote presentation.

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Courses and Events – including:

Keynote King – a 12 video tutorial series designed to help you maximise the potential of Keynote on your Apple device, and enable you to produce stunning visuals to enhance your presentations.

Pitch Perfect – Keynote King plus a video training series on presentation skills, reference e-books and one-on-one coaching sessions to perfect your presentation and pitch.

The Works – Pitch Perfect plus your own promotional video professionally shot, edited and produced by the Media Clinic

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