20/20 Selling


Exactly how has selling changed in the last few years in the digital world?

How can I use this knowledge to get ahead of my competition?

How can I reduce my stress so my sales aren’t affected by it?



John’s new presentation session, 20/20 Selling, answers all these questions and more so you can stay at the forefront of your business.


We can all see the changes that are occurring in our new, fast paced, digital world and most of us are happy to embrace these changes.We change our cars regularly and we upgrade our phones for the latest model so that we can take advantage of the new innovations that surround us. However some people are still using the same sales ideas and techniques that they were taught 25 years ago. The world has changed, people have changed, the product we’re selling has changed but many sales people are still stuck in the 70’s or 80’s with their approach to finding, converting and retaining clients. Obviously there are many things that will never change in selling. For example customers buy from people they like and trust however there are several new ways to build trust with a customer which most sales people aren’t even aware of.  


If we want to get ahead of the competition then we need to embrace these changes as quickly as possible and commit to the development of our skills so that we stay ahead of the chasing pack.




20/20 Selling is an inspirational and practical workshop which shows sales people the modern approach to selling:


  •  What has changed in the sales process and what will never change.
  • What do clients expect from us in this new digital world that we sell in.
  • New approaches to gaining rapport and building trust with prospects so as to hold their attention and keep their interest for longer.
  • How the use of modern technology can convert more prospects into clients
  • Why it’s important in this fast paced world that we stop multitasking and psychologically slow down in order to achieve more!
  • 5 stress reducing ideas that help us to get better results in less time.
  • How the traditional approach to goal setting can damage us mentally and cause us to perform well below our best.
  • What modern psychology teaches us about goal setting and achievement


To find out more about how 20/20 Selling can help your team call John on 021 366 669, email john@johnshack.com or complete the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

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