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Keynote King – video tutorials


Keynote King is John’s comprehensive guide to creating professional and visually stunning presentations using the Apple Keynote product, which works on iPads and iPhones as well as standard Mac computers. Keynote King is a series of 12 video tutorials that lead through all the steps you’ll need to know so that you can put together fabulous slide shows to illustrate and enhance your next presentation. Purchase Keynote King to receive access to this video course and begin creating your own spectacular visual presentations.

“The confidence that has come from learning visual presentation skills via the Keynote King is amazing.  Being able to use Keynote in a truly competent manner has lifted my presentation to a whole new level. Whereas, in the past, my topic had been difficult to put across in a way that was taken totally seriously by many, the feedback I am now receiving is not only heartwarming but absolutely thrilling!  Thanks so much, John, for providing a great training tool that is really easy to follow and implement.”   JP



Pitch Perfect


A 5 hour video training series on presentation skills.

Access to Keynote King (details above)

Collection of reference e-books to assist in the building of your presentations.

PLUS a series of 1-on-1 coaching sessions to ensure that your presentation is perfect and your delivery is confident and polished.