OSEA and NZIM Invercargill Trust present John Shackleton live in Invercargill for his




19th October 2017 in Invercargill, at Ascot Park Hotel.

Two sessions – 1pm – 3pm and 6pm – 8pm

A two hour seminar with John Shackleton explaining what mindfulness is and how it works, how it can reduce stress levels, and teaching mindfulness to produce positive outcomes in your own life.

Early bird special available until 29 September 2017 – click here to book!

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POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS – More dates and locations will be notified once confirmed

Learn how to present with confidence and WOW your audience.

What many people don’t realise is that anyone can be a great presenter; all it requires is delivering the right information, having the right presentation structure and doing lots of practice. Without good training many ‘would be’ presenters use techniques and structures that just don’t work. They use material that, at best, doesn’t entertain people and at worst bores the audience to death!

This programme will teach you how to structure your presentations correctly, deliver it with enthusiasm and present with passion and confidence.



SPEAKERS BOOTCAMP – Dates to be confirmed

Have you ever wanted to turn your talent for speaking into a business?

Speakers Bootcamp is an intensive 3 day course that will take you through all aspects of turning your speaking into a lucrative business. You will learn how to construct a speech that people want to pay to hear, how to market yourself to businesses and speaker bureaus, what sort of add-on products you can include for additional income, how to use technology to enhance both your talk and your brand, how to use visuals and social media to gain recognition and bookings, and lots more. This is hard work but if you want to change your career it is essential that you start here.