Financial Services

There are numerous courses for those working in financial sales, most of which are technical so brokers and agents are fully up to date with the latest products. But sales isn’t just about knowing your product inside out and being able to recall it’s features at will. Sales is also about pitching your product to your prospect so that they can become excited about how it will benefit them or their business. Simply reeling off a load of facts is not going to work in most cases as people will tend to stop listening quite soon! John offers workshops for salespeople that show them how to engage prospects and to give a presentation that will keep them listening and wanting to know more so your chance of closing that sale rise dramatically.

He also offers workshops and training days that will show people how to ensure they are always performing at their peak, how to make sure their self belief isn’t compromised and how to use goal setting to set and achieve targets they never thought they were capable of. These courses are particularly good for the self-employed or commission based financial salesperson but will also benefit the whole team and move profitability forward.