Goal Setting

If you ask people about goal setting most of them will tell you that it is necessary if you want to achieve good results. If you ask them how to set a goal then their answers are less clear. If you ask them about their goals then lots will change the subject!

We do know that we need to set goals, but few of us know how to set them correctly and effectively. John’s goal setting workshops will take your team through the setting of a goal, and these can be both business and personal. He will get them to commit to working to achieve the goal within a ten week time period, and will send reminders and follow ups during this time to help them remain focused. You will love the results you see from your team and they will be able to carry their new knowledge forward in their everyday working life so they are continuously setting goals and achieving more than they ever realised they could.

John’s goals setting workshops have been running for ten years now and are one of his most successful areas of training – book a workshop for your staff today and see just how much they can achieve when they are focused, and how much it benefits your bottom line.

Take a look at this short video to hear John talk more about the goal setting workshop – Getting Exactly What You Want: