Keynote King

Welcome to the Keynote King series of video tutorials to help you make the most of the features of Keynote and create fantastic visuals for your presentations. Watch this first video to learn how to use the training programme.

1. The first video covers the basics of Keynote, including how to get started, how to import pictures, video and text etc.

2. The second video in the series shows you how to make your presentations more attractive by styling your slides.

3. Grab their attention – this third video shows you how to use graphics and pictures to make your presentation come alive.

4. Video 4 shows you how to add action to your slides and make things move on screen as you are presenting.

5. This video will teach you how to combine actions using advanced motion techniques.

6. Transitions – this video will show you how to incorporate seamless and exciting movement from one slide to the next.

7. Super transitions – video 7 covers advanced transitions to add a real touch of professionalism to your presentation.

8. Style – using different techniques to add realism and depth to your slides.

9. Shape it up – this video covers the advanced use of shapes to add something special to your slides.

10. Extras – this video explores more complicated slide building and the use of video within your slides.

11. Do it with style – tricks to put panache into your presentation.

12. Presenter notes – how to set up notes on your computer screen for your reference that won’t be seen by your audience.