One definition of Mindfulness is ‘a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations’.   Although a useful definition, this explanation doesn’t really convey the power and happiness we can derive from developing a mindfulness practice.


‘In all my years in sports psychology and with all my experience of helping people to improve thinking, I have never come across anything as powerful as Mindfulness. By developing a good mindfulness practice, anyone can transformtheir life and achieve the success, peace and happiness they are looking for.’
John Shackleton – Mindfulness speaker and trainer.


In our fast paced, overloaded and highly stressful world many people are looking for something that can help them to reduce their stress levels and find more happiness in their business and personal life. The world is becoming busier and more stressful place as reflected in the recent massive increase in the numbers of people suffering from burnout, anxiety and depression. The traditional path of employing stress management techniques such as increasing exercising or improving diet, have their limits and many high performers are using those concepts to the max already.


Mindfulness doesn’t teach us to manage our stress, it teaches us to stop making it!   Through a simple and scientifically proven meditation process it helps us to dis-associate from our thoughts and stop taking the output of our frantic minds so seriously.
By learning to detach from and observe our thoughts we can greatly lessen the impact of our negative thinking and disconnect from the commentary we all hear inside our head.

Many medical studies have shown that the practice of Mindfulness will help your staff to become:

• More resourceful and resilient
• More productive, constructive and focused
• More innovative and creative

More importantly it helps reduce their stress levels and increase their feelings of happiness.   All from just 10 minutes meditation practice per day!

Some people misunderstand the whole idea of Mindfulness, viewing it as ‘fluffy, hippy rubbish, a religion or cult or even the latest Hollywood fad’! Some believe it involves sitting crossed legged on the floor chanting OHMM!   However many of the world’s top sports people have been using it for years to help them perform at their peak.   Now the worlds top businesses have cottoned on and are using Mindfulness training to help staff become more productive and cope with their ever increasing stress levels.


With the recent changes in Health and Safety legislation in Australia and New Zealand it is becoming apparent that companies need to be adopting this type of training if they want to avoid potentially being sued by their employees for the massive stress levels they are experiencing.  With a high level of distraction, information overload, constant pressure, and the need to respond to clients instantly, how can we expect our people stay on top of their game while remaining productive, civil, collaborative and creative?   This is where mindfulness is invaluable.

Mindfulness Speaker and Trainer, John Shackleton’s  seminars and keynotes will teach your people:

• What exactly is mindfulness and how does it work?
• Medical research on Mindfulness and the neuro-science that backs it all up.
• Why traditional stress management techniques have their limitations.
• The evidence base (from all over the world) for using Mindfulness at work to improve performance and reduce stress.
• Practical experience of using meditation in a business environment.
• How mindfulness and meditation will improve well-being, attention levels, creativity, mental focus, decision making, memory, empathy, stress handling, anxiety and depression etc.


For more information, or to book a presentation, email john@johnshack.com or call +64 21 366 669