New Year, New Start 2017

At the start of every year many businesses in New Zealand lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, waiting for their staff to get back up to speed after the long Christmas break. How different would things be if you were able to get your entire team full of energy and enthusiasm right from the beginning of the year? If your team were focused and goal orientated from day one, what difference would that make to your first quarter profits and how would it affect the growth and momentum of your business for the whole year?

New Year, New Start days have been running for a few years now to address this problem and ensure that teams hit the ground running in the new year.

A New Year, New Start day includes different sessions for different people in your business; your sales people, your leadership team and your administration staff. These sessions are designed to help:

Your sales staff set some compelling business goals, establish some powerful work habits and start the year with a bang.

Your administration staff grow in their self belief and take on higher levels of personal responsibility and become more resilient.

Your leadership team enhance their ability to coach and develop their team.

This is a great day of training, ideally taking place in late January/early February, and culminates with everyone setting a 10 week business goal so they are focusing on success straight away.

Help your team play their cards right.



This training presentation includes:

New PROSPECTING ideas to double your database
Modern MARKETING methods to target new and existing customers
One simple action to double your REFERRAL business
MOTIVATION strategies for team members
Developing and maintaining a WINNERS MINDSET
Creating a compelling GOAL that ensures you stay focused and motivated
Coping with STRESS and avoiding BURN OUT.

To book your date in January or February 2017 email John today –