Practical Resilience Workshop


Practical Resilience


A course for health, well-being and performance in a frantic world.


Can you raise your results AND lower your stress?


It sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?


In our fast paced and overloaded world people want better results in both their business and personal lives, but can’t see how to achieve this without raising their stress levels.

The increase in the numbers of people suffering from anxiety and depression reflects the increase in the rates of reported stress. Traditional stress management techniques can decrease stress but they have their limits. So, is there a solution that can build resilience and prevent stress?

The answer is YES.

Scientific studies show that mindfulness techniques can build our resilience, thereby improving our resourcefulness, productivity, creativity and ability to cope with the curveballs life throws at us.

Through a simple scientifically proven process mindfulness can help quieten the mind and find the inner compass pointing to success without stress. The approach is being used by high achieving individuals and companies all over the world so don’t wait any longer – book your place on this workshop today and kick start your resilience programme now.



8th May 2018 

Jet Park Hotel, 63 Westney Road, Mangere, 2022, 

10am – 1pm. 

Early bird pricing until 21 April of just $49.99 ($70 thereafter).  Book now to lock in your place.

Practical Resilience will help you:

  • Focus and sustain your attention on what is important
  • Recover quickly from unpleasant surprises
  • Find the sweet spot where you are both relaxed and alert, focused and at ease
  • See clearly what’s happening, and make better decisions
  • Stay poised under pressure and maintain emotional balance through tough times
  • Remain open to possibility and choose better ways
  • Develop wellbeing and sustain a healthy approach to the demands of work in 2016
  • Connect with others to improve collaboration