Resilience In Business



Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and tough situations.  It is the ability to be flexible in behaviour whilst under stress. The stress may emanate from any number of sources, both personal and professional but is often the result of numerous demands on time, over time, with no end in sight. 


An inability to cope with this stress impacts on all areas of an individual’s life.  Stress can affect our eating and sleeping patterns and can cause a drop in work performance through illness, poor concentration, lack of mental focus etc. It doesn’t have to be like this.  The world may be getting busier and more overwhelming  but it is possible to survive and thrive in it.  Resilience seminars and/or coaching will give you the techniques you need to deal with stress and turn it to your advantage.  It’s not a magic pill and it does require your effort too, but it will give you the opportunity to lead a happier, healthier and more successful life.


‘I’ve just finished the second resilience coaching session with John and the experience has been totally positive.  John delivers information and ideas in a way that is easy to understand and non threatening.  I can highly recommend these sessions for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or out of balance with the day to day running of their life.’ – JR


Your Coach

John has been one of Australasia’s leading motivational speakers over the last 15 years, and one of Europe’s before that.  His personal journey has led him to the field of resilience and mindfulness and he now coaches businesses and individuals in these techniques so they can enjoy the benefits too, both on a corporate and personal level.


‘John introduced me to his “Mindfulness” training, and his initial 21-Day Challenge kept me focused, setting me on a path for a new and more enjoyable lifestyle and business approach.  His followup and genuine support is much appreciated.’ – DM


John's message


Business Resilience Training:

There are several options for this.  You can book John for your conference and he can give a keynote presentation tailored to your business and to what you wish to achieve.  You can book John to come to your workplace for a seminar or training session.  Or you can book John to come and work with specific individuals in your organisation – all are possible and all are backed up with a 21 day email programme to reinforce the message.  To discuss your requirements and plan the perfect resilience training for your business call John on +64 21 366 669 or email


Individual Resilience Coaching:

One month of support and guidance to help you create new neural pathways to become more resilient and to perform better.  Initial meeting either face to face or by Zoom, creation of a personal meditation plan, 21 day email programme for support and further education plus coaching and support via phone, text and Zoom throughout the month.  Investment is $400 for the month.

To discuss further, and to book, call John on +64 21 366 669 or email  Sessions are available face to face in the Auckland/Waikato area and by Zoom elsewhere.


Resilience is a key strength we are all capable of possessing, and is vital in today’s frantic world.  Call or email now to start your journey.