Whether we realise it or not each and everyone of us is involved in selling in our job. Maybe not direct face-to-face sale and purchase of a product but there is a sales element in almost everything – it might be a nurse getting a patient to take some particularly nasty medicine by selling them the benefits, a teacher persuading a pupil to finish some work by selling them the alternative outcome, detention or a shop assistant tempting the customer to buy a cake with their coffee – we all have to sell something!

To be successful at selling the most important thing is believing in yourself and your ability. Without this you will be tentative and unconvincing and your customer won’t believe in the product if it seems you don’t either. When it comes to sales training though this aspect is often ignored and it shouldn’t be. All the techniques and theories in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the confidence to promote the product and close the sale.

John’s workshops and seminars focus on building self belief and self esteem so these can combine with the technical training to form an outstanding salesperson. He will show your team tricks and tips to make them realise they are already awesome and then harness that feeling so they go out and see a massive improvement in their sales figures.

Take a look at the video below to see a clip of one of John’s presentations to some salespeople.