Spectacular Listing Presentations

To get 2015 off to a great start John has created Spectacular Listing Presentations, a one day seminar that will show real estate offices how to:

• Present their service confidently and secure more listings

• Use modern technology to improve their ‘pitches’

• Get prospects to like, trust and engage with them quickly

Many people think that if you want to convert prospects into clients you need to learn better sales skills, but that is only a tiny fraction of the tools you’ll need to sell to a prospect. Two fundamental parts of any sales presentation are building rapport and gaining commitment. If you don’t create rapport quickly then you won’t have engagement. Most people spend very little time building rapport and start to talk about themselves and their offer far too early in the conversation. And then, at the end of the presentation, they don’t give their prospect a reason to act immediately and secure their commitment, and so risk losing the listing to the opposition. This often comes from a fear of appearing ‘too pushy’.  A business pitch also requires confident presentation of a service and surveys have shown that up to 75% of us are scared when speaking in front of others.

John’s Spectacular Listing Presentations is an inspirational and practical workshop that shows agents:

• How pitching has totally changed and how they can adapt their presentation to suit today’s audience

• How prospects have changed in the way they evaluate a sales pitch

• How to structure a pitch to make the most of these changes

• How to quickly gain rapport with a prospect so they hold their attention and keep their interest for the whole presentation

• How to build trust and develop a strong relationship

• How using modern technology can convert more prospects

• Why written testimonials aren’t worth the paper they are on

• How to overcome a fear of presenting, and pitch with confidence

• How to gain commitment without appearing pushy, by giving prospects a reason to ACT NOW

Take a look at what these Real Estate principals had to say about their team’s experiences with John’s seminars: