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Every year the most common New Year’s resolution that is made is to lose weight and get fit. And, each year, as January 1st rolls round again, the same resolution is made by the same people who failed to keep it last year!

Why is this?

Well, by and large it is because people tend to use an extreme method to achieve their goal, and long-term that just isn’t sustainable so, after an initial period of success and enthusiasm, they fall back into their old ways and get their old results again.

Total Motivation is a 10 week email package that provides inspirational and informational emails, videos and an e-book. It is designed to keep you on track, to help you make choices about your lifestyle that will give you the results you want, and to teach you how to make your changes can last a lifetime.

Total Motivation works because it is a common sense approach – I know that you know what you need to do to lose weight and, through this package, I’ll keep you motivated to do just that.

Here’s what Julie, who has been through the programme, had to say about her Total Motivation experience:

“Thanks John! For the first time I am where I want to be. It’s been like having a virtual you sitting on my shoulder, reminding me what to do, and it’s really worked! Thank you so much!”



For just a dollar a day you too can sign up for Total Motivation – there’s no better investment you can make than your own health and future well-being!  Click ‘buy now‘ above and start living a life you’ll love for longer.


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