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John has spoken at more than 300 international conferences throughout Europe, the USA, Australasia and Asia. His humorous, no nonsense style will hold your audience’s attention while he delivers powerful ideas and techniques that will truly make a difference in their lives.


John has taken over 2000 people through his Resilience workshop, designed to help them understand and experience mindfulness. He covers some of the science behind the concept plus enough practical sessions to enable an individual to discover the techniques that work best for them.


Personal coaching is for individuals who have a significant or pressing need to reduce their stress levels, gain control over their anxiety, reduce their mind chatter or just expand their practice of mindfulness and resilience.

John has a background in sports psychology and has coached World champions and Olympic medalists.  For the last 30 years he has been teaching the corporate world how to use the techniques that professional athletes use to win. His current focus is on the developing areas of Mindfulness and Resilience, teaching people how to quieten the voice in their head, slow their thinking and eliminate their stress in order to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

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Business Owner

John’s keynote presentation on mindfulness resonated, on a personal note, with all of our conference delegates. His delivery, based on personal experience, was both passionate and focused on people achieving balance in their lives, in today’s busy world.

A huge thank you to John for bringing perspective to what is a really important topic for us all and providing us with a way forward.




I attended a workshop with John. The topic was mindfulness and the impact of stress and anxiety on work. After the workshop I committed to a daily meditation practice. Six months on I feel much calmer, more connected, I’m sleeping much better, I’ve been laughing more and I'm enjoying working again.

Thank you John, I very much appreciate having met you and I am so grateful for your wisdom.




I have to admit, I sort of looked at this as being a bit kooky and some of it I still don't fully understand. But it has helped me tremendously. I am much less prone to panic now when a stressful situation comes up, giving me an edge to step back and analyse the situation objectively and respond appropriately.

I guess this is me saying thank you John - this "snake oil" you were trying to sell me, well it's damn good stuff and I'll be consuming it for the rest of my life!



Stay at home Mum

I was drowning in anxious thoughts and struggling to cope with everyday life and this was seriously affecting my relationship with my husband and kids. But today I'm at peace and loving the internal feelings I've managed to create through the application of a daily meditation practice.

Thank you so much John for helping me to love myself again. You made everything so simple to understand and easy to implement and you supported me all the way.


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