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With a background in sports psychology John Shackleton is  New Zealand’s top keynote speaker and trainer on the subject of Mindfulness and Stress.  To find out more, and learn about how John can help your people and business click here

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With over 30 years in the speaking business John is the ideal person to inspire your team to lift their performance whilst reducing their stress levels and improving your profitability. His mindfulness message is universal, his delivery is entertaining and thought provoking. John’s audiences take his message away and to apply it to all areas of their life. Your team will emerge rejuvenated, with a renewed passion for  achieving everything they are capable of.   Click here for more details on how to book John for your event.

Mindfulness – what is it?

It may have become a buzzword in recent times but that is because mindfulness techniques actually work, and in this world where more stress is piled upon us daily, to the point where some feel suicide is the only escape it is vital that we learn these techniques for positive mental health, so we can live and work as effectively as possibly.  Click here to read more about mindfulness and how it can help you.