Play your Mindfulness card

Many people misunderstand Mindfulness, sometimes dismissing it as a distraction, the latest fad or perhaps the joker in the pack.  However medical science is now showing us that this card is, in fact, the solution to the overload problems facing the corporate world today.  Many of the world’s top businesses are giving staff Mindfulness training to help sustain well-being and maintain performance in an increasingly stressful environment. With the recent changes in Health and Safety legislation it is becoming apparent that every company should be offering this approach to their staff if they want to avoid future problems.  With a high level of distraction, information overload, constant pressure, and the need to respond to clients instantly, how are our people supposed to stay on top of their game, while remaining productive, civil, collaborative and creative? This is where the mindfulness card can be invaluable.

21 day email follow up program

Learning a new habit takes approximately three weeks.  To help you make mindfulness and meditation your new habit I have a 21 day email programme to assist you – you’ll receive daily emails for three weeks to remind and encourage you to maintain your new regime.

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FREE e-books

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3. Dealing with Anxiety

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4. Mindfulness and Sleep

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