John has taken more than 2000 people through his Resilience workshop, designed to help them understand and experience mindfulness.

Experiencing how mindfulness feels is extremely important, in fact  more important than understanding it. However having a clear understanding of how and why mindfulness helps us, can be extremely useful in terms of implementing it into our lives. We can’t just ‘think’ our way into becoming more mindful, we have to change our neural pathways and the only way that will happen is if we practice the techniques on a regular basis.

Therefore John starts the workshop with several explanations of the science behind mindfulness particularly in the areas of neuroscience and brain wave patterns. He then includes enough practical sessions to enable participants to experience how mindfulness feels for themselves and how it affects their mental state. This gives everyone the chance to discover the techniques that work best for them.

Everyone leaves the workshop with a personal action plan and has the opportunity to enroll in John’s 21 day follow up programme for free. During this programme participants receive a daily email reminding them of the areas that were covered in the workshop plus more ideas and information on mindfulness techniques. This allows people to deepen their understanding and more importantly remain committed to the regular practice of their techniques everyday.

People who enroll on the follow up program can download the 4 e-books that John has written on the subject plus they also have access to John via email and telephone to ask questions and perfect their technique.

The workshop lasts between 90 and 120 minutes and should be held in a venue where the participants will not be disturbed. John places no limit on the number of attendees, however when audiences size is restricted to 15 or less, there is more individual interaction and greater uptake of the follow up program.

Download the workshop flyer: Resilience