Personal coaching is for individuals (or couples) who have a significant or pressing need to reduce their stress levels, gain control over their anxiety, reduce their mind chatter or just expand their practice of mindfulness and resilience.

A coaching session usually requires 60 to 120 minutes at a quiet location where there are no distractions. During the session John will explain why and how you should use the various mindfulness techniques to help with your individual situation.

During the session John will help you choose the techniques you will use and help you to design a practice plan tailored to your specific situation. You will be enrolled on the 21 day follow up programme and start your mindfulness journey to recovery immediately. During this 3 week programme John will stay in touch (by email, text and phone) and help you maintain your practice until you have mastered the techniques and started to experience the positive effects of regular meditation.

The fee for the initial face to face session (including the 21 days follow up coaching) is $400 + GST. Additional face to face coaching sessions are not usually needed however John will provide these if necessary at no extra cost.

John’s commitment:

Although I cannot do the work for you, I will work as hard as you are prepared to, to solve your problem and I will stay with you until you are satisfied that you no longer need someone to guide you.