Personal coaching is for individuals (or couples) who have a significant or pressing need to reduce their stress levels, gain control over their anxiety, reduce their mind chatter or just expand their practice of mindfulness and resilience.

Each coaching session lasts for 45 minutes and should take place at a quiet location where there are no distractions. Two days per week John operates out of a The Greenhill Clinic in Pakuranga but it may also be possible to run sessions elsewhere upon request.

During the session John will help you choose the techniques you will use and help you to design a practice plan tailored to your specific situation. You will be enrolled on the 21 day follow up programme and start your mindfulness journey to recovery immediately. During this 3 week programme John will stay in touch (by email, text and phone) and help you maintain your practice until you have mastered the techniques and started to experience the positive effects of regular meditation.

It is suggested that clients book a double session for their for visit and single sessions for any subsequent visits. The fee for a single session is $135 and $260 for a double session, which includes the 21 days follow up coaching program. Subsequent sessions should take place within 10 days of the initial session. To discuss your situation or to make a booking either text John on 021 366 669 or email him at

John’s commitment:

Although I cannot do the work for you, I will work as hard as you are prepared to, to solve your problem and I will stay with you until you are satisfied that you no longer need someone to guide you.