Over the last 30 years John has spoken at more than 300 international conferences throughout Europe, the USA, Australasia and Asia. His humorous, no nonsense style will hold your audience’s attention while he delivers powerful ideas and techniques that will truly make a difference in their lives.

John’s Sports Psychology background coupled with his journey through depression have given him a unique perspective on overcoming stress, developing resilience and creating more mindfulness in our lives.

John will tailor a presentation to suit your audience’s needs and is available for 45 to 90 minute conference keynotes and up to 2 hour workshops.

Subject areas:

1. Developing Resilience and improving Well-being:

In this fast paced often frantic world many people are experiencing anxiety or overwhelm due to extremely high stress levels.  Using simple, no-nonsense ideas and practices John will teach your audience how to  increase their resilience (their ability to bounce back after adversity) and improve their mental well-being. They will learn some simple but effective mindfulness techniques and understand that by using them on a daily basis, they can drastically reduce their reactivity to negative stimuli and develop strong mental stability.

Download keynote details: Resilience

2. Using Mindfulness to reduce stress:

Thousands of scientific studies have shown that Mindfulness is the answer to our stress problems. In this keynote John debunks the myths and misconceptions many people have around mindfulness and meditation. He uses simple scientific explanations as to WHY mindfulness works and he explains HOW it can affect the mind both immediately and from a long term perspective. The simple but highly effective techniques John covers can be practiced by anyone in 10-15 minutes a day to reduce their stress and improve their performance.

3. Mindful leadership:

In this keynote John explains how important it is for a leader to improve their mindfulness muscle. Studies have show that Leaders who study and increase their mindfulness capabilities will be able to develop excellent rapport with their staff because Mindfulness helps us to improve our listening skills. Mindful managers also show higher levels of compassion and as a result, produce stronger and more enduring relationships. Their ability to make quicker and better decisions improves and they are more able to keep their cool in challenging situations. In short mindfulness should be an essential part of any companies management development program.

Download keynote details: Mindful leadership

4. Achieving more Flow in our work lives:

Flow is another term for Peak performance or, as athletes sometimes call it, ‘being in the zone’. Science has now identified approximately 20 flow triggers which can help businesses and individuals create more flow in their work life. In this keynote John describes these triggers and explains how practicing the recommended mindfulness techniques  will create more flow in our work lives. He covers some of the the science behind the flow state (neuro-chemical changes and brain wave patterns) so that people can understand how and why they should master the flow triggers and practice the techniques so as to improve their results.

Download keynote details: Creating the Flow state