Become A Better Presenter – Part 1

Great presenters are not born, they’re made and in today’s business world everyone should develop great presentation skills. If you’re in sales you’ll need to present to customers, if you’re a manager you’ll need to inspire to your team, if you’re an entrepreneur you’ll need to communicate your ideas.

In this 7 part series I’ll explain how anyone can learn to give a powerful presentation that will:

  • WOW their audience
  • SELL their product or service
  • INSPIRE their team to raise their performance or
  • CONVINCE an audience to take some action.

There are two keys to giving great presentations – PREPARATION AND DELIVERY. Here are some pointers to help you PREPARE a great presentation:

  • Know your topic inside out but deliver just a few key points. Keep things simple and don’t overload the audience with small details.
  • Make sure you have a great opening story, that will capture your audience’s attention and create interest. Learn this section off by heart so that you can tell it perfectly, even when you’re nervous.
  • Prepare and learn your ‘call to action’ at the end. This is where you’ll ask people to do something as a result of what you’ve told them.
  • Your slides are important because most people like visual input when learning something new. However your visuals should support your words not dominate them.
  • Rehearse your speech.  Then rehearse it again and when you’ve finished rehearsing, rehears it again.  Good presenters don’t practise until they get it right, they practise until they can’t get it wrong.
  • If possible practise in the room that you will be presenting in so you become familiar with the layout. Practice with the technology too so that the data projector, the laptop and the remote don’t prevent you from giving a stunning presentation.

Top performers in any area of life will spend significantly more time preparing than they do performing. The more preparation you do the more confident you’ll feel, the easier you will find the presentation and the more your audience will enjoy it.

In the next section we’ll discuss how you can improve your DELIVERY.

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