Become A Better Presenter Part 2


People often ask me what they can do to become a more confident speaker, particularly in a business situation. Here are some pointers to help you DELIVER a great presentation:


  • Relax, speak clearly but don’t shout.  Vary your tone to add interest and make sure you don’t speak too fast.
  • Entertain the audience, as much as educate them.  Use stories and anecdotes to maintain interest, make them laugh and make them cry.
  • Use gestures and facial expressions to emphasise points. Don’t be afraid of silence. Pauses can be very effective and will bring attention to your point.
  • Try not to stand rooted to one spot, vary your position and move around the area you have and make sure you speak to everybody. Don’t stand behind the lectern, the audience wants to see you.
  • Have a conversation with your audience, don’t read your notes to them and don’t use long complicated words that you wouldn’t use in a one to one chat.
  • Tell your audience to hold their questions to the end of your talk. Prepare answers beforehand for what you might expect to be asked.
  • Dress appropriately for the situation, not distractingly. Make sure you look and act like a professional and your audience will treat you as one.


If you follow these basic guidelines then you will give a professional presentation that your audience will enjoy and learn from – if you can achieve both those goals then you will have been successful.  Enjoy your next presentation.


In the next section we discuss the STRUCTURE of your presentation.


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